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Welcome to the Kushwaha home page. This web page is a personal page designed for friends and family of the humble author to keep in touch with one another. There is a classical literature and philosophy library as well as an art gallery open to the public. You can always reach this page via http://www.akushwaha.com

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PhotoalbumPhoto Albums - These are the family photo albums for all friends and relatives. If this doesn't apply to you, then you will be looking at complete strangers, albeit very handsome ones! Family TreeFamily Tree - A portion of our family tree with stories and links to more information. (under construction)

Library Library - Here is a modest library of the complete texts of ancient literature and philosophical articles. They are divided in Indian, Greek, Chinese, and Buddhist sections.

Gallery Art Gallery - Here are galleries of Indian artwork, Hubble telescope & other space pictures, and nature pictures I happen to like.

ChatChat Room - Arrange to talk to me or someone else here. If you show up by yourself, it will be quite lonely.

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